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Horizontal Milling Machine, VICTOR
Horizontal Milling Machine, VICTOR

Horizontal Machining Center


As with all Victor Taichung machine tools, Vcenter-H630/H1000 have been designed with the concept of reliability and stability foremost. Emphasis has been placed on continuous cutting ability in selecting machine structure and components. From the bed ribbing to machine assembly, Victor Taichung employs over 55 years experience in machine tool building to ensure machine down-time is kept to a minimum.

Reliability Guranteed
Hydro-dynamic plain bearing ways
Spindle speed-output diagram
Heavy duty spindle with integral 2-speed gearbox
Maximum flexibility with parallel type APC
Advanced design
Strong machine structure

Safe Easy Operation with Improved Serviceability
Victor NC package
Machine operation panel

Side mounted tool magazine
Tool arbor cleaning system

Manually operated APC available

Durable tool changer
Twin arm type ATC performs better over continuous tool changes compared with disc type tool changers, while at the same time offering fast tool change. The ATC mechanism and tool magazine are both driven by durable hydraulic motors which ensures increased stability and longer service life. The entire unit is designed for minimum maintenance.

Efficient chip removal
Horizontal machining centres offer reduced chip build over vertical machining centers. Coupled with our symmetrical machine design, strong coolant flow, twin scroll conveyors for front and rear of table and steeply angled slideway guards, efficient chip evacuation is provided, removing the need for valuable manpower in manually sweeping out chips!

Oil skimmer
Independent coolant tank with oil skimmer to remove contamination from slide way lubrication enhances coolant life!  

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Máy CNC gia công trung tâm dạng ngang
Horizontal Milling Machine, VICTOR
Vertical Machining Center, VICTOR
Vertical Machining Center, VICTOR
CNC Horizontal Machining Center
Vertical Machining Center, VICTOR
Vertical Machinig Center, TOPWINNER
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