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NC Type Semi-Auto Terminal Crimping Stripping Machine, CHULUN
NC Type Semi-Auto Terminal Crimping Stripping Machine, CHULUN

NC Type Semi-Automatic Terminal Crimping Stripping Machine


This machine is designed for the process of stripping the wire and then crimping it.
This machine is driven by a server motor of rigid construction and offers maximum precision and durability, free of delays and troubles in mechanical movements in conventional clutches, this machine comes with minimum number of movement parts avoid wear and replacements, maximum torque, minimum vibration, high stability assuring noise-free working environment.
This machine has self contained generator which is a quick and economical power source.
It also has three options for operation: automatic, manual, and a continuation device for saving time.
You can adjust the continuations device according to the type of wire you use. After each crimping the machine will be in a ready position for another crimping.
The stripped-rubber is collected in a convenient way, so complications are avoided.
The special designed digital knob allows you to adjust the cutting depth without having to disassemble the machine. It has an accuracy range within 0.02mm.


Power Supply AC 110 / 220V 50 / 60Hz 1 phases 
Capacity Wire Stripping and Crimping 
Stripping Length  2-6 m/m 
Wire Size UL 1007AWG#18~AWG#32 
Air Pressure 5~6kgf/cm2 
Dimension 520L*520W*600H mm
Weight 85 Kgs
Operation Complete Whole Process or Only Wire Stripping
Capacity Time Free Regulate
Pressure 1.8 Ton
Stroke Length 30 mm
Motor Power AC220V Crimping Machine 400W;Stepping Motor,Stripping Component 40W

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