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NC EDM  AI Fuzzy Control

EBN ( ZNC ) Machine Structure:
Machine frames are made of FC30 with heat treated for maximum rigidity. Stress release process is made for machine frame accuracy.
Working table is hardened and precision ground for high presision operation.
Ball Screws on X、Y axis.
One V and one flat design for maximum accuracy.
Faced with TURICE-B on X and Y axes for smooth sliding and accuracy.
Linear Guide Way and High Accuracy screw are used on Z axis, with PMW servo system ( same class as CNC model ) can perform maximum working efficiency.
Back slide is provided for Z axis.
Convenience filter replacement design.
Remote control is provided.

EBN (ZNC) Controller Specification: ( AI、FUZZY、Control )

With Auto-Index function, operator can input working area, work piece material, depth and etc, system wizard will generate the spark parameters for user's reference.
EDM parameters can be edited during EDMing. Via FUZZY control, the OFF Time, ON Time, Working Time, Jump height, Jump Speed... are changed automatically in order to get the ultimate spark efficiency.
Color CRT. PC Base, 32bit Industrial Level Computer (IPC).
Chinese/English and Inch/Metric Mode.
MOS-FET high power transistor and high speed POWER-SINK is used for spark Circuit Design.
Reduce Electrode wear and increase working speed.
Modules insert card design is used in power controller for easily maintain.
FPGA ( programmable ) IC components are used for PULSE circuit design in order to have faster spark monitor contrl (Single pulse detect) and ARC detect.
2 groups of Coordinates can be switched and edited in order for base point setting.
ABS depths and Rev. depth is selected base on the operator's custom.
Single screen displacement for working conditions and working depths. Easy to read.
200 lines working condition. Operator can select any block as start and ending line. 50 sets of EDM parameters.
Four steps manual moving speeds (x5 .x50 .x250 .x500µm), Jog mode has Jog, Feed and Proect/Non Proect functions.
Z axis alignment function without manual edge find process. Easy and fast for finding edge. Current can be set as needed.
From Rough cut to fine finish can be down automatically during EDM process.
Z lock function is standard function. Orbiter can be used on this EDM machine.

(AI/Fuzzy Control)

Machinery EB304N ZNC Model Filter
Capacity of work tank 800x500x350 mm
( 32x20x14 inch )
Max. output current 30A 60A
Work table dimension 600x300 mm
( 24x12 inch )
Input electric power 4KVA 7KVA
Longitudinal travel
( X Axis )
300 mm
( 12 inch )
Max. processing speed 200
Cross travel
( Y Axis )
200 mm
( 8 inch )
Electrode wear ratio 0.15%
Spindle travel &
Headstock travel
180+200 mm
( 7.2+8 inch )
Best surface finish Ra0.2µm
Max. distance between electrode holder plate
to table top
470 mm
( 18.8 inch )
Max.programming capacity 200x50 blocks
Max. Electrode weight 50 kgw
( 110 lbs )
Min. D.R.O. resolution 0.005 mm
capacity of work table
500 kgw
( 1100 lbs )
Min.D.R.O. exent 2000.000 mm
Machine weight 1000 kgw
( 2200 lbs )
Perrmant memory device D.O.M
Machine outside DIM
( W x D x H )
1200x2000x2200 mm
( 48x80x88 inch )


Machine power will be shut off when the oil level is lower than the Fluid preset level.
Machine power will be shut off when fire is detected.
Auto-depth function can be set to retract and shut off the machine when the preset depth is reached.
When short circuit is detected, machine power will be shut down automatically to prevent damage or fire hazard.
Fire detection circuitry provides additional protection with fire extinguisher and automatic machine shut down.
The single block provides system.
EBN ( specially type ):
The optional "Super sparking" feature is available for EDMing
Tungsten Carbide or hardened steel over 50 RC.

The features are:
It improves working speed with hardened steel and carbide.
The surface of the electrode is flat with lower wear.
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