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Surface Grinding Machine, KENT
Surface Grinding Machine, KENT

Surface Grinding Machines

Horizontal-Axle Saddle Model4

This high-grade plane grinder has a horizontal grinding axle, with a fixed upright post and its saddle and workbench process pieces by planar grinding actions.

Product Features & Structure                                                

‧ Box-type saddle design with excellent rigidity; twin-V sliding mechanism with Turite B; linear action for accuracy and durability.

‧ 250 Series adopts hi-grade alloy steel(D2, HRC60°) with close-tolerance bearings (grade 10 ,0.25um) for durable, smooth action of workbench.

‧1020 Series or better adopts wide-V horizontal-sliding mechanism, coated with Turite B, that can handle heavy-duty cutting and avoid sticking.

‧ Permanently-lubricated, close-tolerance main axle, with super-hi-grade beveled bearings (class cp4 ABEC 7) for accuracy and longevity.

‧ Independent hydraulic-system, with insulation from shock and heat being two essential features of hi-grade grinders.

616 & 250 Series - the tri-axle all-manual models.

H-type: features a workbench that has left-and-right hydraulic action.

AH-type: The H-type upgraded with motor-drive front and rear for better productivity.

Surface Grinding Type
Surface Grinding Machine, KENT
Surface Grinding Machine, KENT
High Precision Surface Grinding Machine, Perfect
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